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What are Cysts of the Foot?

Cysts are sacks under the skin which have become filled with fluid. Frequent cysts found on the feet include: synovial cysts, ganglia, and cutaneous mucoid cysts. All these cysts are treatable, and as with all foot ailments, the sooner you seek treatment the faster the recovery and the less likely that a serious condition will arise.

Most foot cysts are positioned directly under the skin and in certain cases the cysts may be located in the tendon or bone. Synovial or ganglionic cysts are connected to a nearby joint or tendon and are significantly more difficult to treat.

Mucoid cysts are not connected to a joint.  If this particular type of cyst appears near your nail, it can cause the nail to grow in an unpleasing manner.

Most cysts cause discomfort because of pressure created by the restraint of your shoes. When the cyst encloses or presses on a nerve it can cause a sharp pain.


Some cysts can be treated by numbing the area and properly removing the fluid inside. A steroid or hardening agent may then be injected into the cyst to try to prevent it from filling with fluid again. Loose fitting comfortable shoes are your best preventative measure.

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