Dry and/or Cracked Skin of the Foot

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What is Dry and/or Cracked Skin of the Foot?

Dry and /or Cracked Skin of the Foot is a common condition that may cause other symptoms, such as scaling, redness and chapping. Dry skin can crack which can lead to a portal of entry for an infection to get in (this is particularly important in the foot, due to the warm moist environment of footwear which encourages infection). The skin can be itchy, especially if there is also a fungal infection. Around the heel and if the skin is thicker, cracks in the heel can occur. Treatment for this widespread condition will lead to immediate relief.


  • Debridement-cutting away hard thickened skin.
  • Strapping around the heel to reduce skin movement.
  • Strapping around the heel to reduce skin movement.
  • Prescription for stronger softening or debriding agents, i.e., urea or salicylic creams.
  • Insoles, heel padding or heel cups to redistribute the weight of the heel and provide better support preventing the fat pad from expanding sideways.
  • Special tissue glue to hold the edges of the cracked skin together so it can heel.
  • Shoes with a good shock-absorbing sole.

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