Tips: Footcare and Diabetes

Living with Diabetes: Footcare. Learn more about prevention and how to care for you feet in this article from the American Diabetes Association. Read more...

Minimizing The Risk Of Hammertoe Surgery

While commonplace it's important to know more about Hammertoe Surgery. Read about it in an article by Johanna Richey, DPM, and Graham Hamilton, DPM, FACFAS in Podiatry Today.

Barefoot Running

Learn more about the science of barefoot running in a recent blog post of The Guardian. Click here to learn more…

Learn More About Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprain injuries are a common occurrence. Learn more about this injury and various treatment options from this timely article in Podiatry Today.

Social Media and Healthcare

Check out this report from the Pew Research Center that focuses on Health care in the digital age.

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