Tailor’s Bunion

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What is Tailor’s Bunion?

Tailor’s Bunion is a prominent bony bump at the outside of the foot near the base of the fifth toe. It is similar in the presentation and treatment to that of a bunion. This condition often becomes painful due to irritation in shoes, and is usually made worse with shoes that have a narrow toe box.

The cause of Tailor’s bunion is predominately due to genetics, although it can be made worse by wearing tight or narrow shoes.


Tailor’s bunions can be treated conservatively or surgically. Treatment options includes wearing wider shoes, or using pads that protect the prominent bone.

When To Seek Surgery

Surgery is often considered to reduce and realign the prominent bone. Surgery can be simple, with shaving or reducing the bone prominence. In some cases, cutting or “breaking” the bone and realigning the bone into an improved position is a better approach. In either case after surgery, walking in a special protective boot or shoe is usually permitted.

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